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Our ultimate objective at V-Grits is to make the vegan lifestyle easy and accessible for everyone.


In 2014, looking to broaden her own vegan food business, Louisville's Vegan Temptress, Chef Kristina J. Addington, was the first plant-powered chef to appear on and win Food Network's culinary competition Cutthroat Kitchen. She used the prize money, along with a successful crowd sourcing campaign, to start the V-Grits food truck along with partner Jeff Hennis.

The southern-style vegan food truck took to the streets of Louisville, attending or hosting over 125 events the past few years. It's been a smashing success and customers have become friends, as we heard everyone’s food stories - their favorite meals, why they switched to a plant-based life, or what’s holding them back from eating healthier.

We have since added vegan culinary expert Zachary Kerr to the team, along with a line of soul sauces and spreads - vegan cheeses you can find in grocery stores, and a line of organic prepared meals under the health-focused brand Elevate. 

V-Grits is committed to making every ingredient from scratch, including its plant-based meats and cheeses. Let us show you that you can still enjoy flavorful comfort food, without animal products. Please use us a resource for your own food journey. We will patiently answer and help with any dilemma you may face, from wondering where your protein will come from, to attending family barbecues. 


Our passions - food, overall health and wellness, animal welfare, sustainability - make us a mission-driven company. We’ll always strive to make sure we’re giving it 100%, so that your experience with V-Grits is a fun, delicious adventure.